Launched in November 2016, ‘OSOI’ is a women’s bag & shoe brand based in Seoul.
While the company recorded steady growth with its’ fresh design, excellent quality, and proactive production planning with their own factory, it has achieved significant growth in the industry within a short period of time as it became more widely known to the public due to celebrity issues in August 2018. Currently, the company has several stockists domestic and abroad, including major department stores, boutique and online select shops.
The brand has a flagship store located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.


‘Osoi’ means ‘slowly’ and ‘not rushing‘ in Japanese.It has the meaning of wanting to ‘keep our own pace even if we go a little slower’, which aligns with the brand’s identity.


Most of our products are designed based on their hardware, which is one of the cores of what we call ‘series’.
Each season, we present the main collection with a variation of new materials and colours within the series. Our capsule collections usually are not tied to these series but are being developed in free form and material.
Our hardware is designed, developed and registered for patent application and design. And it is strictly controlled so that functional elements, design and quality cannot be easily copied.